Hill 88

Hill 88 from Peter Ruocco on Vimeo.

Hill 88 is a site-specific performance piece by Opal Street Dance Improvisation Theater at an abandoned battery site atop Hill 88 in San Francisco, CA. A 'second life' project, Hill 88 is an experimental film blurring the lines along the space-time continuum of story and history.
Exploring the legacy of this place, the memory of the Cold War, and the five stages of post traumatic stress disorder, we examine how it effects us all. Transformation happens by acknowledging the past, letting it go, and exploring new, potential possibilities.
Performance artists- Adele Thurston, Rodrigo Caldera, Bianca Brzezinski
Artistic Direction- Bianca Brzezinski
Producer- Peter Ruocco
SHot and Edited- Peter Ruocco